Market Statistics

SmartCharts that provide up-to-date market statistics in the region.

FAAR has partnered with SmartCharts to provide up-to-date market statistics on the area market. The chart below shows Market Activity for the past two years. Sold Listings represent the number of units sold for the time period indicated. New listings represents the number of new properties placed for sale during the time period. Properties in Active status are available for sale and have no ratified contracts pending. The count represents Active Listings at the end of the time period. Hover or scroll over the data points to see the values appear. Visit this page on the 10th of each month for the latest update. View the chart here.

Sales price is the gross sales price.  It is the price the seller accepted from the buyer in the contract. It excludes seller concessions. This is also called the Gross Sales Price. Median is the middle value of the dataset. The Average Sales Price is the sum of the total sales dollar volume divided by the total number of units sold.  The Median Sales Price is the Sales Price at which half of all sales are above and half are the sales are below. Sometimes the Median Sales Price is a better indication of the market than the Average Sales Price, especially when a few sales may distort the Average Sales Price. Notice, the overall trend is upward. Hover or scroll on the data points to see the values appear and be sure to stop back on the 10th of each month for the latest update. View the chart here.

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